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Woodhouse Barn

Our Story

With its unrivaled views of the Pembrokeshire countryside and its rustic charm, the Woodhouse Barn attracts couples from across Wales; we have even hosted newlyweds from as far as Australia to as close as our local village, Rosemarket. 

Martin and Pat have lovingly developed this family-run business since they built the Woodhouse Barn in 2014. Initially used as a lambing shed, it was then converted into a unique wedding venue for their daughter, Jess, who celebrated her marriage to Rob amongst the hay bales. 

Following this first event, Martin and Pat have continued to transform this rural retreat, building The Hen House, an eleven-sided wooden structure for ceremonies, and The Woodhouse Village for the enjoyment of wedding guests overnight.

The dedicated Woodhouse Barn team, along with Martin, Pat and Jess, pride themselves on providing you and your guests with an unforgettable and enjoyable day. We look forward to meeting with you and planning your day of dreams.

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